Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Is it about to come true? Interview and first two days.

Friday at 5pm, I realize a message was missed, get back to them, it is a potential job. In the area I think I know, and believe may be what I was meant to do. Spend the rest of the day updating resume.

Saturday I meet with the person to talk to. Probably good at sabotaging my own interviews, but hopefully gets seen as endearing and not idiotic. Spend the rest of the day looking up a donated meal pack the group was given, they cannot seem to get through it, and I just cannot imagine having inedible food that is technically edible. Such a Challenge!

Monday I clean house and make sure there is food for the next day when I get to volunteer and shadow the current person holding the job. Take care of dog, she'd been feeling ignored, rains coming so cabin fever isn't lessened, either.

Tuesday. Feels different than the last job. Tense but not not stressed. So many more people. I think this is my dream job. Will do it again tomorrow, but pretty sure I'm in, probably shadow next week three days, too. Then it would be paid.

Gotta work out details-
how to not get spillage in my vehicle transporting and how that will work
working out having a menu
getting through donated foods
reducing meals from 2.60, or 2., or 1 per person to 1 dollar or less per person.

1/21/20 Tuesday was Cheesy Broccoli Bacon, in each of three pots:
1 #10 can cheddar cheese
1 #10 can water
2 bag frozen home fries
2.25 bag hormel bacon bits
1 onion, diced
1 capful stock (1/2 cup)
1 capful seasoning (1/3 cup)

Add everything together heat to temperature.

Wednesday got a taste of shopping for a 1$ per person meal, taco soup, day beginning at an 8:30am meet at grocer, left the center about 1:15pm.
So, I think this is going to be it. So I have started writing down notes on things people have commented about or there seems to be confusion about, or to make things more clear. So if I do a 5 hour shift, it will only be about 12.50 per hour, which for the driving around done, normally a chef would charge more like 20.
Doesn't matter. I want to learn how to do this, I enjoy working with people in the community who I get, and guessing they probably get me, too!
There is an hour for shopping, two for cooking at church, and two hours for arriving, setting up, and cleaning.
The drive adds another hour to my entire shift, but again, this is my opportunity to make others happy, to fill their bellies, this is my dream, this is what food and nutrition in high school set me on a path for.

1/22/20 Wednesday taco soup
So for a non-vegan taco soup for 100, grab 3 huge pots, I mean HUGE, in each pot put:
4 huge things of ground meat, 5-10 pounds each, not sure
1 #10 can pintos
1 #10 can whole corn
1 #10 can diced tomatoes
3 large cans black beans
bag of frozen onion mix
9 pack ranch powder seasoning
9 pack mild taco powder seasoning

Cook the ground meat, with or without some of the seasoning, then. add everyone together and heat to temp, 180f, about 30-45 minutes

So exciting.
Also must mention there are several entities under one roof. An advocate in one room, Two resource assistants in another, a store manager, a resident manager, myself-as chef, and the lady who brings us all together. So that is a lot of minds to get along. Very interesting, and a very tight space in some respects.
I wanna scream for joy but Im still too scared and being cautious.

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