Thursday, June 4, 2020


Our numbers dropped dramatically. and I hear a lot of numbers around town have been dropping for people needing actual food and meals! This is a good thing, we all hope! We are all a bit concerned.
Numbers had dropped about half once covid began, and this week it shrank half again.

So Tuesday was left over chili beans from last week of pinto, and some of red added this week, peaches, bread.

Did potato salad over the weekend and pork loin, so Wednesday's meal was sweet picnic pork and beans, potato salad, peaches, bread.

Thursday after some more abundance we had left over lentil spaghetti with more lentils added to it, potato salad, coleslaw, bread, and pudding with granola parfaits.

Next week we will have to do cabbage and sweet potato sides, or or something, and include onions too- those were our main donations, so I am swimming in about 40 pounds red and white onions, I am already trying to use 4 onions every time I cook a meal. We'll also be finishing that pork and beans. Gunna be reconfiguring how to do the meals if the numbers are fluctuating as they are.

Cooking-wise I don't have many options, for those just tuning in I have basically been cooking out an electric roaster, but using precooked beans, having to sautée vegetables for a good while longer, canned, frozen and fresh vegetables. So it's almost -dump and go- but there is art to it, you still bloom spices and build the meal and flavor

Then again I also envision chicken enchilada rice in the roaster next week and a pasta lasagna. I mean cabbage keeps for a while depending on how the fridge is handling on this empty-full treatment. We shall see, I do have enough stored for like a few weeks of meals at this rate of low diners, may not have to go to grocery for anything aside for napkins!

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