Monday, February 3, 2020

The Second Week of the Dream

This second week, I started spotting chinks. I'd already written up a report, job description, check list, and had started converting recipes in my head.

The Menu for the second week of training (as with first two, not my recipe, but my alternatives in parenthesis)


4- 3lb ground meat packages (or 2-#10 cans added kidney, black, or northern)
2-#10 pinto
2-#10 hominy (drain, but reserve to thin if needed)
2-#10 diced tomatoes
4 frozen onion veg seasoning packages
6 regular chili seasoning packets
6 mild chili seasoning packets
1 ??? (can't read my own writing)
2 tubs sour cream (or a silken tofu sour cream)
6 loaves $1 bread
2 large packages of shredded cheese (for the condiment table)

This was made in two pots, the ground meat getting cooked on a flat oven griddle, everyone added to pot until bubbling.


4 packets of chicken thighs
8-#10 cans hominy
3 small can Chile verde 11oz
3 packets frozen onion blend
3 packets menudo seasoning

Split between 3 pots, the chicken is diced, cooked on the griddle, and divided between the three, along with everything else.
Cook until boiling. (180)

Johnny Marzotti (Spaghetti with shaped pasta)

4 frozen onion packets
4- 2lb bags rigatoni
4- 3lb ground meat
1 bottle of Italian seasoning
2- #10 marinara
4- #10 diced tomatoes
lid of garlic (1/4 cup?)
lid of salt (1/4 cup?)

The pasta was boiled in one pot. Meat cooked on griddle, added to two pots of sauce heating to boiling on stove top. Once everyone up to temp, dump and mix in Chaffing pans, cover with foil, then lid.

I was also given the tip on how to create a
Chicken Alfredo, it was something like
2- #10 cans cheese
5 packages of chicken thighs
Italian seasoning
2 huge frozen broccoli packages
4- 2lb bags pasta

Make in three pots.

Kung Pao is a supposed favorite, I may make an authentic Tofu version.

The program iss to help homeless, and those who are food-challenged, not able to provide all the time, and it also allows people to come together for a family-type meal, relaxing, sitting down out of the elements, lets our guests socialize in a non-judgmental atmosphere as long as everyone is respectful.
During the training period I was confused about making the food to spec, then allowing it to sit on a counter for 30-45 minutes, before serving. So the last day o my training, I was told it was my show now, so I changed the signage on the spot and had people come eat the fresh food instead of waiting. Essentially giving the community 1 1/2 hours to be served and enjoy their lunch time.

I have been working on detailed recipe/instruction sheets. I hope they will work, they are not on the scale I am used to.

So SCARED and TERRIFIED but this what I want to do.

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