Monday, April 20, 2020

Just before 12th week of work, 6th of covid kitchen

This is the Monday before the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I work physically in town (for the food contract freelance job I call work). Found out I get the Covid test on Tuesday after work. Exciting, I feel like a part of history!

Today is when I focus my planning, grocery lists (for work and home), transport, storage, projects- the job pays for the time I am in town, but the auto gas and at-home time and electricity I put into it is basically volunteer work. Our electricity is probably an extra 30$ a month since I have to cook donated beans and rice at home since it is too hard to try and cook and prepare a normal meal, AND precook beans and rice for another time.

Right now my "extra" time at work is being spent turning our frozen fruit donations into sorbet


for every cup, 1 1/2 cups of frozen broken up fruit, add 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and about 1/4 cup juice or water. This is blitzed in a Vitamix that is a piece of refurbished kitchen tool I get to use, along with an instant pot, and electric roasters.

This week, after looking back I am now deciding to do a beans and rice meal every week to spread out variety in lunches as we wind down the rest of the donations. So lets see, with what we have, the next weeks may look like this:

Tuesday-Beans and Rice, bread, sorbet (peach, raspberry, and blueberry).
Wednesday-Spaghetti Pizza with pork sausage bits, ham bits, black olives, mushroom, bell, onion, part, shred ched, bread, fruit
Thursday-turkey, stuffing, yams

Tuesday-Beans and Rice, bread, fruit or green beans
Wednesday-posole made with wolf chili and hominy, bread, fruit
Thursday-bbq chicken sandwiches, coleslaw, ?

Tuesday-Beans and Rice, bread, fruit or green beans
Wednesday-Vegetable Pie Stew with roast beef bits and rice, bread, fruit
Thursday-Wolf Chili chili, bread, fruit

Tuesday-Beans and Rice, bread, fruit or green beans
Wednesday-Soy Curls as Chicken on Noodles with b├ęchamel and vegetables
Thursday-Turkey Divan, bread, fruit or veg side

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