Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Work week 16, 10th as a mobile kitchen.

All donated this week aside for 32 sandwich buns, and 3 loaves store brand sliced wheat loaves. Theres a deal, so the total was something like $6

Tuesday, 40 servings, left overs went in freezer as back up

In the full-powered on Electric Roaster, Dressed Pintos
Sautee 4 + diced onions
1+ diced bell pepper
1/2-1 sliced bunch celery
1 tsp salt + add more as needed as you go
1/2 tsp pepper "
in oil, 1/2 cupish
(oregano had I had it)
2+ tbsp garlic

Once going a good half hour or so, stirring after that, not to burn, but also resisting opening the Electric Roaster since that's how you loose a lot of great heat, by peak, don't do.

add in 2-3 #10 cans pintos, cooked were 9-10 lbs
(and anything else you think you want in there, diced tomatos, more protein, squash, hominy, tomato sauce)

Let this go for about an hour, stirring only once or twice, taste testing and making your fellow workers taste test, add seasoning, if it tastes bland-add more salt.
Drop the heat down to serving temp, at 4000ft+ I like mine around 200f

Serve this with Nutriplenty rice on the side, piece of pumpkin bread, 3 cookies, fruit sorbet

Wednesday 40 servings, but only passed out 32 buns, the rest went into freezer as a back-up.

In the Electric Roaster, BBQ Turkey Bunwiches
Start with sautéing in 1/3 cup oil, 4+ onions, sliced fine, brisket rub seasoning blend, garlic, salt, chili powder, after about a half hour (full power)...
Add 2-3 small cans tomato sauce, the cooked turkey (2 boneless, roasted previously, and frozen turkey), defrosting and slicing it before potting it.
Once up to heat, about 15-20 minutes later, add 1/2-1 cup+ barbecue sauce, 3 squirts of mustard (about 3-7 tbsp), heat and keep warm until serving.

Serve that on a bun, we had mandarins or pineapple on the side today, and donated chips.

Thursday is Ham and Cheese mayo and mustard Sandwiches, guessing another 40 serving aim, the servings keep fluctuating even though I aim for 40, but either way it seems we always just enough)
salad (no dressing, but I will whip up some with what we have here) on the side (another huge donation made after lunch previous day, need to use it quick)
potato salad
the rest of the chips, cookies, bread

At the end of the week

In the Fridge:
Tub o bbq sauce, mustard, mayo, cauliflower, carrots, broth paste, hot sauce, lemon juice some parmesan.

In the mini freezer: 50-75 sorbet servings

In the freezer: pie crust, 3 bags frozen peaches, 30-40 packages blueberries (more sorbet), 1 meal-worth roasted turkey, 3 packages sliced ham, 1 package rice pulp for thickening, 3 - 2lb package cooked garbanzos, 3- 2lb packages cooked beans, 2+ - 2 lb packages cooked rice, 5-6 loaves pumpkin bread, 300 corn tortillas, milk, broth, cooked chicken in broth

In the pantry: cumin/salt/bl pepper/garlic/garlic salt/brisket rub/ no-salt fiesta seasoning/rosemary/paprika/chili powder/d'arbo chili powder/taco seasoning pouch, molasses, broth paste, sugar, lemon, flour, 10 lb potatoes, 15+lb onions, 48+ small cans tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, canned pork and beans (7), wolf chili with meat (8+cans), dry beans (30+ lb), 20 lb brown rice, 30+ lb white rice, lots of nutriplenty rice meal, 6-#0 can +mixed fruit, 2 cases and 1 #10 can green beans, #10 hominy, small menudo, #10 diced tomatoes, #10 tomato sauce (2), 3 bags little shells, radiator box, 2 packages spaghetti/linguine, 3 package egg noodles (nightmare, dislike these, they do not work in our situation), 1 can salmon, 1 can chicken, small case of star pasta (looking forward to doing a modern spaghetti o's with this :)), 3 jugs tomato sauce, 1 jug juice, 2 jug salsa, 6 cans chicken broth, 2 can tomato soup, 1 can cream of mushroom, soy curls, syrup, corn bread mixes, pancake mixes, dried milk, and a few more things above my height

-Next week may be a salsa rice with cauliflower and chicken added to sautéed veggies and salsa, Mac and cheese made with potatoes and carrots (ham bits added to serve), and the beans and rice.
-Week after that might be a spaghetti, I think coworkers have some sort of meat they wanna donate; I wanna do a butter chicken and vegetable with the soy curls, beans and rice.
-And then another creamy vegetable and chickpea dish with homemade biscuits on top, taco stew or chili, bans and rice
-Fourth week I think we have enough food still, right when I think I am about to empty something, we get a donation!

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