Wednesday, April 15, 2020

11th week of work, 5th week in covid kitchen quarantine


Pork and beans,
see there was an ice cream tub (possibly 1 1/2 #10 cans) in the deep freeze- it wasn't ice cream, so it and 2 #10 cans of pork and beans were added to the roaster after 2 onions were sautéed with garlic, salt and pepper, and after 12 sliced up hot dogs were added.
This was served with fruit cocktail, piece of cornbread, and some nutriplenty rice to soak up the juice underneath. Numbers dropped down to closer to 30, so left overs were also served the next day.


Shoney's Breakfast Rice - A - Like

1 onion, diced, sautéed with
2 red bell pepper, diced and 
4-6 stalks celery, diced with
garlic, d'arbo chili flakes, salt
then add 40 pre-cooked, diced pork sausage patties, 
30 wide slices of ham, diced, 
1 dozen scrambled eggs, cooked
3 lbs pre-cooked rice, white, brown, or mixed (ours was cooked in chicken water from instant pot and  chicken also precooked to freeze for later use
Then to get everything really hot and not dry anything out, 4 cans of chicken broth were used.
Served with left over corn bread and fruit sorbet made in a Vitamix from donated frozen peaches and raspberries. Will continue to make fruit sorbets (strawberry, blueberry also) until the fruit is used up! Left overs, about 4-6 servings for the next day


Rice- a- Roni
we had vermicelli (3)  donated, going to toast that after sautéing 2 diced onions,  garlic, peppers, 4 stalks of celery in oil and then adding 3 bags peas and carrots (frozen), 13-15 cooked chicken diced breasts, 2-3 pounds cooked rice, 1 carton broth, water-probably same amount.
Will serve sliced bread and sorbet with.

Next week is looking like bbq chicken sandwiches; pizza spaghetti; turkey/stuffing/yams. 
Week after that maybe turkey Spanish Rice; turkey noodle stew; pantry posole.
If there is still turkey left, still have ham, do a turkey cordon bleu soup; an everything soup with a roast still in there and a bunch of miscellaneous vegetables; and a loaded Mac and cheese could be quite nice.
Then, last we have unless more donations are made are beans and rice.
I'll edit post if anything changed for the day, otherwise...

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