Tuesday, April 14, 2020

So you know Kaylee from Firefly...

Well she is a girl character in a tv show called Firefly, and then a movie called Serenity. The character knew engines, knew and loved her (space)ship (the name of the ship is Serenity). People could babble on and such but if you said something about the ship or were talking about ships, she would always pipe up, stick up for her ship, and such ("You hear what that purple-belly called Serenity, Captain?")

More and more I find myself that way with food/kitchen. Today I got fussed at for not paying attention to the arrows on the ground (because of covid19) that were not there last time I went in to that store. I'm standing there with my mask on, gloves on, and am looking for a spice I hadn't found in three weeks; on the way to work; picking up work food and 3 items for home since I have to be in a store with others.
My eyes got big when this hooman started speaking to me, it went in my brain, gears had to restart on a new project, speaking to this person. I think I just apologized and said I was just trying to find something I hadn't been able to in 3 weeks, found it, dropped it, and left- out the wrong way probably.

So yeah, I have a problem, I can deal with food, recognize food, understand it. I do not understand people, deal with them or recognize them. I think the person fussing at me was either trying to make small talk because we met each other a few times, or genuinely fussing at me, and for that I am sorry. I didn't know about the arrows, I am not used to waiting to follow these lines before going in to work when all I need is 1-5 items. It's weird and we all make mistakes. But please tell me it counts somewhat that I was wearing a mask and gloves. I apologize for not taking that third step in protection.

I had blinders on. Food. Make food. Get to kitchen. Get food, get to kitchen, to make food, serve food, clean, go home, do again. I love my current job, I love how less people are around and less businesses are open. Point A to Point B. Then for the first time in my life I got fussed at while not at work. It was surprising and it was not food. So it just made me shocked and mad, then sad, now unsure if I should be doing jack shit since I am so incapable of following the arrows.

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