Tuesday, April 28, 2020

13th of week, 7th of covid

Tuesday included a shopping trip, I think I got everything I wanted!

Tuesday Pinto beans and rice with mixed fruit, and bread
Precooked about 3 pounds of each, then the rice just gets preheated.
The beans stay fridge until 2 onions, 2 belle peppers, and a good handful of celery is sliced and sautéed in the roaster, add seasoning, broth, then heated up beans.

Wednesday will be turkey dinner
Roasted turkey will be reheated, stuffing made and kept in a heatable container, yams mixed up and heated, cranberry sauce, and green beans heated in a roaster.

Thursday will be a white sauce with left over pork sausage, veggies and egg noodles.
Sautéed stuff, make roux, add, add, add; bread and fruit on the side.

Forgot to mention I purchase things from the thrift store more that we are in quarantine, book, spoon rest, couple of shirts, and got to have free stuff for the making lunch part (helps so much when you can easily get a spatula to scoop out cans, getting drying cloths, pillowcases for potatoes and other roots not in the fridge).
Today I tried to pay for a wood stool, but was asked to -take- it! OOOH happy day! Hardly anyone throws out jeans my size, but I can always look!
This week is a co-workers' bday. Same co-worker wants us to come up with a quarantine craft. All I got is blank journals with the covers made of cereal boxes and such we use. We shall see. Our area may have some restrictions lifted in two weeks so that may change the time I have free, where I prep food, her schedule, and the building schedule.

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