Tuesday, April 21, 2020

In the 12th week of work 6th of covid

Got the C19 nasal swabs this morning about an hour and a half into my 6 hour day.
The left one was done first, after I blew my nose. It was actually pretty painful and I have had about 15 kidney stones, uti's and kidney infections; passed out while giving blood while in trade school, convulsed and everything, short term memory loss on that one.
Then I coughed before getting the right one done... It hurt immensely, so much so I screeched and was about to get way out of control. I kept backing up in pure pain, and she kept right on shoving in there like she is supposed to. She said sorry, and that I was probably swollen up there (from allergies). I apologized for screeching.
But seriously it hurt so much I would take kidney stones over this, take a GIL of my blood, over this.
I was very runny, coughing, eyes...it was awful, thank goodness I'd already chopped the onions for lunch, that calmed down after about an hour and a half. But I have this headache and my eyes hurt, and I swear my vision has become blurry.
Anyways lunch was beans and rice that were pre cooked and then reheated with fresh sautéed onion and bell pepper, didn't realize I'd used the last of the celery. Hotdog buns that were in the back of the freezer, and peach and raspberry sorbet.
Tomorrow I already promised would be bbq chicken, so I will sautée up more onion, bell pepper to add to that filling; make coleslaw for the side with cabbage, carrot, radish, mayo and seasoning, sorbet on the side,
So Thursday will be pizza spaghetti with pork sausage bits, ham bits, black olive, tomatoes, sauce, onion, bell pepper, spaghetti bits, parm cheese, bread, sorbet.

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