Friday, June 26, 2020


This week

Tuesday did more pinto beans and rice (seasoned with celery, onion, garlic, cumin, pepper, salt, paprika), salad and pumpkin bread/home baked corn chips (from corn tortilla donation in freezer). We served about 30.

Wednesday was about 10 servings of previous frozen left overs from last week, added to pasta, 2 packaged sautéed sliced mushrooms, 3 large onions, 6 cans corn, 1/2 the juice (reserve other half if you need it later), carton of broth, 4 cans cream of mushroom soup, 4 cans of water, roasted poultry, seasonings of choice (garlic, onion, celery, green chile...) (add anything else you want also-squash, carrot, potato, tomato). We served about 30  

Thursday, pulled left of pork and beans from last week out the freezer (about 15 servings), added to it more pork and beans 1 #10 and 1 small, baked beans-3 2 small, and 3 can northern beans. Salad (romaine, ice burg, green bell, carrot, apple) and fruit served on the side. We served about 30 as I was leaving.

Didn't sleep Tuesday night- had a migraine, threw up, other issues, so left about 12 on both Wednesday and Thursday just dragging from being so nauseated because of last of sleep, from headache, probably because of some bad frozen fruit I bought without realizing it (it was melted in a block and everything else I had had spouse had too...who knows).

Been revolving between mainly two masks, getting elastic next week to make some new ones for both spouse and self. I'm sure I must have some extra Star Wars fabric somewhere here. 
Free Mask if you need one shipped to you: dhvani

Next week is a co-workers last day, will probably be all vegan week, actually. Thinking beans and rice as normal, lentil spaghetti that went over so well, and a jeweled rice (different beans, vegetables, seasonings, rice, fruit. At the end of July, we lose another co-worker.

We still have myself and another person, and a new person (but I wasn't introduced to her so I honestly don't even know how long she will be there).

I must always look busy and no time for anything, I think people have more recently been inferring that, even though they have a broad smile about how busy I am. I just am so sweaty and gross after I finish making the food and serving it, and it's like 99 degree average weather, just kinda don't want people to smell me. Ah well. That's why I don't make assumptions or judgements out loud, I don't know what the deal is with someone else!

Still irritated with people not wearing masks. Making another request for reusable masks so I can at least try to make sure our people can contribute to sending the right signals to everyone else. I think they think we are trying to protect ourselves from them, no one seems to understand that we are wearing the mask to keep our breath/cough/speech/sneeze aerosol and spray from getting on them and infecting them. We who are working in the public know that we will probably get it because the people we deal with will not wear masks, because others are very bad about spreading misinformation. 

For instance- one of our outside volunteers, as I was leaving told me I was going to get brain damage if I kept wearing the mask, that it was happening to everyone. I shake my head and reply, "I'm fine for 5 hours, and the nurses and doctors seem to be fine wearing them entire shifts for decades, as well... so, have a great weekend, bye!"

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