Wednesday, June 10, 2020

work 19: covid 13

This week I thought I had a dental appointment and after a handful of texts, my volunteer help was established for the day needed. The day came and the appt was rescheduled. poof.

Anyways so Did a stir fry on Tuesday with one very large head of diced cabbage, 4 good-sized red onions, diced, half a bunch of celery, 1/4 cup soy/aminos, added salt and pepper to taste, 9 matchstick-cut carrots, I also added about 1 tablespoon ginger, could have used double, easy. Totally forgot to add egg we had in carton form, but there was roast pork in the stir fry as well, peaches on the side along with watermelon.

Wednesday was the day of the appointment, so I'd planned on just reheating stuff- finished off the stir fry, 2 servings of bbq chicken sandwich, and one ham and cheese sandwich, peaches, banana bread and pumpkin bread on the side. Also had bananas and red onions to give away!

Tomorrow will be left over baked beans with pork from last week, and ham and cheese sandwiches (possibly egg too, if I have time to micro cook them), green beans and the fruit breads. Still have some bananas and red onions to give away again, also.

Guy on Tuesday came up asking what we were, what kind of assistance was normally offered...
My lovely assistant explained since she worked there longer than I did, and then told him we had free fresh meals for lunch, did he want one.
"What's the catch" he says.
"No catch, we just need to write down a name so I know how many servings to make each time" we say
"Is the the food bad?" he asks
"Well, we don't think so, (we pop open the box and let hime see what we are describing) homemade fruit bread, peaches, stir fry" I say
"Stir fry, I heard about it, I'll take one!" he exclaims

So he either heard people talking getting stir fry, or he heard local diners talking about MY stir fry? who knows, but it was fun to put a smile on his face, and ours, and give him food for truly free!


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