Monday, June 8, 2020

Just Before Weeks 19:13 (Job:Covid)

Has it been mentioned I spent more time running the kitchen during Covid than I did "normal".

Dentist has rescheduled me for my biannual! This Wednesday. So been trying to decide on menu for the week.

Stir Fry on Tuesday for a change, cabbage, eggs, carrots, rice, amino/soy, celery, pork on the side, fruit on the side.

Wednesday is the appointment, luckily there are left over pork and beans I'll just reheat, and serve with bread and fruit or sorbet.

Thursday may be beans and rice day, served with pumpkin bread and more fruit or sorbet.

Our dog died two weeks ago, mentally still dealing with that, had our 26 year marriage anniversary, and husband had a birthday. Also in the month of May managed to give all co-workers a gift (well, last one this week), for their birthdays and basically just because I like giving people I respect a gift for no reason. This confuses people, makes it awkward because I'm awkward but oh well, seems like I am still a good fit for this organization! Gifts were: A tie dyed shirt, 2 different pewter pendant necklaces, 2 desert glass material pendant necklaces, and even for campers- made them journals (although only 1 is left now).

Still waiting to see if the county/city will allow the Center to continue to offer camping for our houseless.

Considerations being made about moving the kitchen or moving the serving area (or both).

Getting things in order at home finally, thank goodness for long weekends.

Back and forth with weekend fasting of breakfast, utilizing shakes, and still dealing with allergy issues since the nasal swab.

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