Saturday, June 20, 2020


Tuesday Beans and Rice again, loquats served in a container on the side along with pumpkin bread, rice crispy treats and protein nut balls.

Wednesday was Biscuit Pork Pie- homemade biscuits, a creamy sauce with roasted pork and no less than a dozen vegetables sautéed and all created in the electric roaster!

Thursday was Chili made with sautéed onions, celery and corn, with various sized cans of hormel and wolf chili, and an added #10 can of whole tomatoes in juice that I crushed. Served with bread and blueberry sorbet.

My coworkers will be leaving, one in one week, one in a month. We still do not have volunteers because we are trying to be cautious. No campers at the moment, and none can be admired unless a new camp guard volunteers.

Had dental appointment for teeth cleaning, good. Had separate appointment with dentist to actually exam me and go over X-rays- bad, he didn't wear a mask, but I'm guessing he has a condition. Normally I love going to the dentist, and if I do not get sick I will be happy to go back in 6 months. 

My freezers and pantry are still very full, I think I can still make it another month mostly, maybe aside for buying bread. I always hesitate buying bread or vegetables sometimes because we end up with a donation, and then I feel like I wasted org cash because I am not a mind reader :) 

This upcoming week, I have carrots, mushrooms to get to so there will be a white pasta thing going on, left over from last week, beans and rice, and maybe baked beans again we still have 2 #10 cans of pork and beans and baked beans.

Also froze some iced coffee, determined to make coffee freeze desserts and pudding pops once the sorbet is gone.

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