Friday, February 7, 2020

The finish of the First week and Onward!

I will say the first week was not my finest hour, but come on, it was edible.

Going through bunch of items that get donated or are filling the freezers from previous sales or something.

Second meal was Loaded Dogs 68

9 packages
4 cans of an inexpensive chili to go on the dogs
1/2 - #10 can sauerkraut or equivalent

8.5 packages buns
serve with cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup

Third meal was using up left over dogs 4.5 packages in jambalaya and using the nutripacks (13), adding seasonings, tony's and 2-3 #10 diced tomatoes in two pots, then moved to roasters after brought to boiling for 20 minutes.

I am seeing the groove of the job. I am understanding why people say I am organized. Gave my boss reports with goals and other paperwork, got paid, to be a contract chef. Wooooooo!

So I write a grocery list for the store, and on the other side a grocery list for silver city donations kept there, and there is a list of items that need to be pulled from the freezer to defrost, and a list of items in the fridge to use, and to think about things to use with them- like all the dressings I see in there- I think there will be marinated peat in the future.

March is coming up, there will be a lot of cabbage.

The nutripacks , I will reduce how much I use in a meal, but I Still plant to use at least 2 packets each week, so it will be fun making all of these recipes based on so many factors.
I want to cry, actually I did cry, earlier. I thanked fate for finally giving me the job I needed, the job that is my calling. It actually feels right, comfortable. I just hope they suffer through my experimental recipes while I adjust my serving issues, it is a steep learning curve, I am learning super quick.

Not just the food. Evidently you got people who run off with a girl that is just terrible for them, you got mental guys who really need to stay on their medicine, alcoholics, abused, timid, everyday people who could be anyone you know, anyone I know, me, you...they are every person on earth, with every great quality, every fault, every love, and every shame as any of us have ever had throughout our lives. And now I get to play a positive part in their life. That makes me cry too.

I love making these lists, I love making menus, I love knowing the future essentially, and this is how I get to do it in my own little world, and if there is left over, I may even get to make a donation and bring some home for dinner!

I cannot believe this

K, so next week, if all goes well, I just made all my lists, so I have a 3 day weekend of no worry, and the menu is...
Tuesday-A keto Cheeseburger Spinach Casserole, with cauliflower, and bell peppers
Parm and bread served on the tables
Wednesday- Chili, served with Bread now, but eventually maybe crackers or rice, too
Thursday- Cabbage Roll Soup With Nutripack Rice

Then the week after that, I hope, will be the quesadillas trays, and then probably get into more Irishy stuff like Colcannon and Rumble de Thumps if leftovers

All this stuff based around meat we have in freezers!

I love planning this way, I think I got it. I can't believe I am allowed to be happy for reals?

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