Tuesday, February 4, 2020

First Official Day

Food Whatever course lined up!
This WAS my first day, left on time, got shopping done almost before I was even scheduled to, got to the coakplace an hour early, used that hour to set everything up and just left the cooking until my partner for the day came in. She brought her chopper for our trinity of vegetables in our first dish together!
My traditional first dish is New Orleans Red Beans and Rice with Sausage and bread, it just happened, so now it's what I do for cooking trials.
I made the -rookie- mistake of adding the cooked rice to the pot. Just got solid by the time we served, coulda added 10 cups water probably, make it a soup, OOPS. See, I just wanted to keep it all hot and together.
My volunteers are the best, the one I know so far in the kitchen has lots of fun ideas and I appreciate alternate taste testers!
It -just- seemed to be enough, but that was only thanks to one of the volunteers Thinning it with our hot water pot- so many thanks!
The other volunteer suggested something for some items in the freezer, I plan to make a recipe called after her, a mixed fruit cobbler! I hope she likes it and surprises her :)
I am such an idiot with communication still but I nervously baby anyway, and get cottonmouth, and then can't get to my water.
Was also so busy trying to get things rearranged, stocked, noted for future use that I also didn't communicate much because I was really trying to make sure everyone had what they needed.
I forgot BUTTER. I need to add that to my grocery list for tomorrow! Then pull out the frozen ones to use for that cobbler.
So much cleaning but it seemed A LOT Easier today for some reason!
My stomach is still turning somersaults and I am taking several different pills to keep from being sick at work pepto is one! Third week, I really look forward to not feeling like this, figure it may take a month, but hopefully not three.
I've been averaging about 20 minutes after time, to slowly figure out what to do, what needs to be, and trying to remember all the donated items I was supposed to get.
It's intense. I think it's gunna be fun. I hope people enjoy the food.
One of the Meal guests probably thinks I am a total flake because her voice and mannerisms remind me of my best friend who lives nowhere near me (Susan), so I always look up!
Also ran out of my normal allergy pills, so come the afternoon I start to get insanely itchy. Fun!

Vegan Red Beans and Rice (Sausage donated was cooked and served on the side), and bread

2/3 cup oil/pp
bunch of celery (3-4 cups?), sliced/spp
4 red bell peppers (I know, I dislike green), chopped/spp
6 cups chopped onions/spp
1/4 cup garlic/pp
2 Tbsp + 2 tsp salt/pp
1 tsp gr black pepper/pp
1 tsp cayenne pepper/pp
3-#10 cans Red beans, or about 18-20 normal size cans/spp

1-2 pounds of dry rice cooked separate, and not EVER added to the beans, just hold separate next time!
I would like to do this the beginning of every new month of my days! Until I get it right by the residents!

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