Tuesday, March 17, 2020

7th week, and 1st week of C-19

So...We -will not- be having the expected menu previously mentioned.
The whole covid-19 thing got in my state so things ramped up day by day. Thursday was a VERY different day than today, 6 days later. Some locals don't seem to realize how nasty this thing is, they don't have news. So I made sure to post information about the virus in English and Spanish on the water tank, symptoms, what to do, distancing
Went to the store to scope things out, picked up a handful of stuff to use today, and one other thing I knew would keep a while.
Water and Lemonlime gatorade with cups were served outside.
(We cut back on the hot drinks-tea, coffee, cocoa)
Tuna, made enough tuna salad to make 50 sandwiches, only served about 25 today.
For 50 sandwiches, fork and napkin, cup:

4-5 loaves bread
2 very large cans tuna in water (6-7 inches tall?)
3 carrots, shredded
6 stalks celery, shredded
1 jar mayo- large home size

Tomorrow will be pre-cooked beans- make a vegetable soup out of it, with pureed nutriplenty, bread and butter on the side, napkin, spoon, cup. (probably a dessert)

The next day will be left overs of the sandwiches and soup. (probably a dessert, too)

 The virus came up. I had a feeling it might, but just never found time to shop three weeks ago, newish job and all, so trying to get my shopping done in tandem with work, bunch of stuff will have to wait.
The Thrift Store side is closed for the time being.
The Resource area is open but limited people in building, especially during lunch prep-everyone pretty much leaves the building to administer the back yard. EVERYONE is getting temperature checked coming in. But things happen, so no matter how well we think we are doing it will come before we realize.
I saw mistakes being made, even by myself. We are human. We are trying.
Next week we have more frozen seasoned beans, maybe make chili, serve with crackers, and banana bread; also have more ham for sandwiches, I think without buying much we have enough for 6-9 meals.

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