Thursday, March 26, 2020

8th week, 2nd for covid-ness

Turkey and Rice in the Roaster (reheated-pre-cooked items)

4 packs of nutriplenty, cooked
9 pounds turkey meat precooked and shredded or chunked
1 small bag frozen peas and carrots
6-8 cups chicken broth

That served about 40, bread and fruit on the side

Ron's Chili

half a roaster of sautéed, cut up tomatoes and sweet peppers
4 pounds pre-cooked red beans
6-8 cans tomato sauce

I had the volunteer go with it, handing him cut up veggies, showing potential seasoning bottles, and providing the sauce and beans. bread and fruit served on the side.

Served about 40

Left overs were served on the third day, about 10 of the turkey, 6 of the chili, and made another 24 ham and cheese sandwiches, for 40 more servings, green beans and fruit and bread served with.

Pantry at work finally arranged.

It hasn't been horrible, I don't mean the meals, I mean everyone staying at home.
less travel, less spread, even though it ravages along. Need a shower. Spouse been making me tortillas when I get home every day, have a protein bar at work, and oats, rarely dinner- on the work days. on the off days I binge half the time, we go for a hike or a drive, work on outside projects, et cetera. Life hasn't changed too much for us in that respect.
Wondering when it will get here, to this county, wonder if it is already here, if I will get it, if I will give it to anyone else, if I will know anyone who dies, and geesumpetes, I don't want anyone I know to get it or die from it.

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