Saturday, March 7, 2020

Lessons and rest of fifth week

So that last day, I did quick running around so I could meet a volunteer. Looked at what I thought was sausage, ended up being hot dogs. So we had oven-baked hotdogs, veggie cacciatore, bread on the tables (many loaves of donated bread).


3 zucchini and squash quarter and sliced
5 precooked potatoes diced
#10 tomato sauce
small can diced tomatoes
2 packages mushrooms
2 small onions
4 spaghetti seasoning packets
tomato powder broth

Ham and cheese sandwiches (75) on Tuesday, I hope? with
Mixed fruit eggless bread pudding (we have all the ingredients for it, so it's free).
Thinking 2 pans with small scoops of ice cream (and whipped topping on half).
Grease pans.
6-8 loaves bread, broken up into mixing tub.
2-6 cups milk?***
12 bags of frozen fruit
1/4-1/3 cup flax, ground, added to milk, stirred in well
6 Tbsp seasonings (cooks choice-vanilla, all spice, cinnamon, ginger, maple, molasses, nutmeg)
1/4-1/2 cup diced butter on top of each pan
500 for 45 minutes until very brown

only have to buy pickles and spears, maybe 13 cents a serving.

We got a mystery meat, prompting me to write a sign in log for food donations, so I can see. ow many pounds and what this frozen meat is. Supposedly it came from a reputable source but if we are all following the food safety rules, which we should be, that would be labeled. We cannot take venison because of parasites, hence while I am hesitant to trust unlabeled meat, come on people. please give us a list of your donation or sign a sheet , or label each package. Please.

With this mystery meat, and more bread already in fridge and ingredients already in kitchen- sloppy Joe, will have to buy cheese and shred it, but hopefully that's all for 45 servings or so, not bad- 13 c a head not including beverages. My Tuesday volunteer is making cookies, so they can go out or be froze.

With the same mystery meat, I make meat balls and a brown gravy ragu on pasta and use up parmesan in dining room. bread on the side, make a combination butter. pasta will be the 13 cents a serving.

Did I mention I passed the food manager course, I am certified for 5 years, huzzah.

So I have been writing recipes to use the pantry ingredients, not using the ingredients to write my recipes. Hard to explain but I am sort of tweaking the way I was cooking, and buying even less.

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