Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Change of co-worker, and one co-worker out. Pretty quiet from 8am-10, we all have very different hours and jobs.

Tuesday: So pintos and rice again (celery, bell, onion, and seasoning), salad on the side along with some farina made into halwa, and some donated pastries. Had left overs, froze, maybe 8-10 servings.

About 80 pounds of potatoes and 2 cases of bananas were donated late Tuesday.

Wednesday-more left overs, about 12 servings-worth: lentil spaghetti, French bread and pastries the side. Some took bananas. Try to push harder tomorrow, and bring some home for banana bread for work, and freeze some to make into ice cream.

Thursday-Planned to do jeweled rice, beans, zucchini, carrot, onion, raisin-may turn it dirty with chick livers and gizzards; and the left-over spaghetti, bread, dessert bread, and fruit on the side.

Jeweled rice happened. Zucchini and crook, about 7 large, diced and roasted with onion and celery, pre-cooked carrots (about 5 cups), 1 can garbanzos, 1 can kidney beans, 1 can northern beans, 1 large can black beans, 4 cups dry rice, cooked with cardamon, oil, salt, ginger, throw in a handful of raisins, diced tomatoes, add in garlic, salt, pepper during cooking, I added gravy also. 

We've been averaging 20-30 diners daily.

Next week may end up being a lot of sandwiches so I can make potato salad, and pickle spears on the side: we have precooked chicken breasts, and I sliced a lot of sandwich ham, and we have some precooked fajita meat...seems like a fun week if ya like sandwiches. 

Also, one of our helper dudes is having teeth issues and his eyes glazed over thinking about mashed potatoes, so did a test batch for him to eat this weekend. Mashed potatoes, I can premake and bring in, do a version of shepherds pie probably.

Someone tried to donate us 2 bags of pooled eggs- but they were dated last month so after he left we had to throw them out once we realized- also I only had freezer space, and it woulda taken a couple weeks for that much to defrost. It was a lot of eggs, guessing 10 or more liters.

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