Wednesday, July 15, 2020


This week was mainly 20 servings daily. Triple digit temperatures last week and this, been trying to serve cooler items.

Tuesday was ham and cheese sandwiches, potato salad w/ pickle spear,  and blueberry sorbet on the side.

Wednesday I did two spaghetti reheats with bread. The main meal was egg and ham on an English muffin, with home fries, salsa, and sorbet on the side.

Thursday I will be doing a breakfast rice that consists of 4 dry cups rice, cooked, 1 can broth, sautéed celery, red bell, onions, and breakfast links chopped. 

There is also some left overs, will serve those first.

Starting to see clear outs of areas where food is kept at work, pantries if you will, slowly making a dent!

New girl training in the resource area, for another assistant position here!

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